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About us

My name is Oliver Ristic, born to 13.3.1979, I is the owner of the Rottweiler Kennel von V.D.O, which is led under the number 4022 with the FCI. I am active since beginning of the eighties in the range of the dog breed. I specialized in the Rottweiler breed and its character at the beginning of the nineties, which won a large popularity in this time. The race of the Rottweiler found to today an increase in friends, large in Serbia . Since the first contact with the race of the Rottweiler until to the today's day, my confidence continued to become larger point of view into this race and mine to this race solidified.
In passed the time our whole work and our whole structure was based Alisa upon the dog. To our luck the whole trouble was worthwhile itself and our dog became thereby the Stuetzfeiler of our whole Rottweiler breed. This dog Alisa often showed us that it leaves the best characteristics in the breed only. By this characteristic it has to become created our dog a kind legend in Serbia .It was well-known for the fact that it threw in each throw two to three champions.Successes catch actually to show................................
The name of the Rottweiler Kennel von V.D.O sits down together from the first names of the family Ristic. From our Rottweiler breed already many champions out-did, which left an always still continuous admittingness in the Serbian breed. The dogs our Rottweiler breed became specifically by their fascinating occurrence, which and the presentation of our Rottweiler breed admits quality. We are often recognized by our achievements by others, which in the form of Rottweiler titles and by praising of Rottweiler lovers and connoisseurs of the race is it shown in particular.
Large thanks for the success of the vdo rottweiler apply for my family, which lives for the dog race of the Rottweiler. In addition my thanks apply for all friends, whom as I for the dog breed live.
In particular thanks I first Rottweiler breed in Serbia registred "von Granitkopf ". Our next goal will improve its the Rottweiler race in their characteristics and will support the progress of the race, in order to breed in the near future a Rottweiler, which resembles perfection.

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