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Diseases: hip dysplasia (HD),

the hip dysplasia is a rather frequently encountered disease in Rottweilers and other breeds.
The definition of HD in the literature is quite different, but there is wide consensus that this is a malformation of the hip joint, where the acetabulum and the femoral head will not fit properly together. In addition, a looseness in the hip joint can occur, and symptoms may occur only on one side or both sides.

As a result of the malformation can Fehlbelastungen with increasing growth, strains the joint capsule, as well as arthritic changes occur in the joint, which cause the animals pain and even lead to immobility can.

It is generally recognized a genetic predisposition (tendency) to the expression of HD. That does not mean that such an animal is sick, but with appropriate environmental conditions may become ill or remain healthy. Here we see a problem of selection of breeding animals based on their X-ray analysis. Two animals with the same genetic predisposition one may have a flawless, the other a bad X-ray results. One is, however, approved for breeding, the other

can not. Conversely, what is much more tragic, two animals after the X-ray analysis of HD-Frei, so be healthy, despite being one of genetic predisposition to HD, but thanks to favorable environmental factors as well as in breeding is taken as the other, which is the genetic predisposition in order. Thus, the selection will obviously ineffective.

Striking at the HD is that there are very large racial differences, and that large and heavy breeds are more affected than small and light. The cause is suspected in the fact that the joints are loaded from the former by its weight and rapid growth by much more. The normal development of the hip, which indeed must continue to grow after birth, can thereby be impaired in the appropriate genetic predisposition.

About " correct "diagnosis of HD has been written, and many approaches to the objective and standardized evaluation were proposed. For the animal breeding is the discovery of the genetic predisposition of key interest. Therefore, the evaluation method should be focused on this aspect.

The hips of breeding stock must be x-rayed the ADRK quite a while. About the approval for breeding and the classification of HD following table gives information.

HD Description Breeding Evaluation VDH FCI
HD -- free breeding recomended HD 0 A 1I2
HD + / -- Transitional form breeding recomended HD 1 B 1I2
HD + Easy breeding limited HD 2 C 1I2
HD + + Medium Breeding ban HD 3 D 1I2
HD + + + heavy Breeding ban HD 4 E 1I2
HD 0 Analysis is missing breeding not alowed  

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